Promotional activities of Export in Morocco valued by experts

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Constructive impact of promotional events managed by the Morocco Export. The companies that participated in missions organized by the Moroccan Centre for Export Promotion confirm to their satisfaction monitoring, advice and coaching of Morocco Export.

Promotional activities of Export Morocco valued by experts

Promotional activities of Export in Morocco valued by experts


Surveys have been conducted by the Centre from 350 beneficiary firms from the period of 2013 to 2014, 77% of them claim that the promotional events have allowed them to boost their turnover from exports . The survey reveals, in this sense, that companies with return from exports is above 40 million dirhams are more accustomed to participate and benefit from Morocco Export events.

In evaluating the quality of services offered, the companies awarded an encouraging note. The average emphasizing is 7.4 / 10. Moreover, 97% of companies responding to the survey confirm their knowledge of the services offered by the Moroccan Centre for Export Promotion.

The best known of these are international fairs and specialized exhibitions. These events record, in fact, very high participation rate, 69% for fairs and 79% for trade fairs. Regarding the objectives of the Centre, the latter are deemed achieved by the majority of target companies.

Hence, some of the companies subject to the investigation has indicated its willingness to recommend Morocco Export services to its network and participate once again in future missions Morocco Export. And because these events meet the major objectives of export enterprises, namely the diversification of markets and identifying new prospects.

By establishing a regional comparison, the survey denotes no significant differences to report between the companies operating in major centers such as the Grand Casablanca and other regions of the Kingdom. Export Morocco affirms, however, that the international presence of Grand Casablanca is increasingly felt in the reference period compared to the rest of the regions.

In 2014, Morocco Export has made ​​more than 130 promotional activities up 54% compared to what was achieved in 2013 (84 shares). For this year, the Centre plans the realization of 151 missions to several countries. The 2014 exercise Export Morocco was marked by rising beneficiaries exporting companies.

The Centre in this regard, with 750 companies in 2014 against 554 units in 2013, an increase of 35%. The number of first-time exporters also increased from 160 in 2013 to 250 beneficiaries in 2014. Export Morocco recommends, to this end, more than 21,436 contacts were made ​​by first-time exporters against 18,312 contacts observed during participation in 2013 .

Export has integrated Morocco in 2014 six new areas to its promotional campaigns. The investigation by Morocco export was intended to assess the satisfaction of companies in relation to the services provided to them during various promotional events organized by Morocco Export both in Morocco and abroad.

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