Promotion of clean technology boosted by international partnership

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The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the UAE-based Clean Energy Business Council joined upPromotion of clean technology boosted by international partnership to promote the use of renewable energy and clean technologies.

The partnership, also known as The Arab Business Forum on Sustainable Development and Green Economy, will support the research and policy development of clean technology with the hope of having businesses in the region and the local government increase their investment to the cause.

According to a high ranking official in the Clean Energy Business Council, the partnership allows them to provide awareness and understanding to the business side about what is happening internationally through various UN bodies and to further their reach and presence across the region. The official also added that the other reason why the partnership is important is because it brings them in contact with an international body which has data and knowledge on the environment and knows what is happening with climate change.

In addition to local governments and businesses, the Arab Business Forum also aims to influence the private sector to offer assistance to promote clean technology since the latter is at the forefront in leading solutions to development challenges around the world.

Mohamed Dekkak