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UAE construction industry is continually growing over the years. Improvements on infrastructures and facilities, building skyscrapers including the tallest and grandest commercial and public establishment have placed the country on the map, attracting millions of tourist and businesses around the globe.
Infrastructure projects in UAE have improved significantly in the past decade and the government has set aside fund for the continuous improvement of these infrastructures in line with “Vision 2030” project of His Highness Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan. These includes building of new airports, expansion and improvement of existing airports, Dubai and Abu Dhabi Metro, railways and trams as well as improvements of roads and ports.

The growing tourism in the country also boost establishment of hotels, residences and leisure structures. Multiple developments are line up in the next 2 to 3 years. One the biggest development is the Mohammed Bin Rashid City (MBR City) which will feature the Universal Studios and The Mall of the World along with different residential, commercial and cultural districts.

ADGECO Group and its partners have participated with projects in virtually every sector of the economy. Our partner’s portfolio includes offshore constructions, industrial, buildings, infrastructures and civil works. Our team of highly dedicated engineers, technicians, skilled and unskilled workers equipped with the latest construction methods and machineries can execute any construction project from start to finish. ADGECO Group and its partners have also participated in joint ventures and consortium in undertaking specialized turnkey projects. The team also offers landscaping, asphalting, plumbing and central garage for hiring heavy equipments.

Our offshore construction includes expertise in construction of bridges, jetties, quays, piers and cofferdams, associated piling, dredging, land reclamation and shore protection works. Industrial structures such as manufacturing units, processing plants, rolling mills, refineries, cement plants, aluminum smelters, connected infrastructure works for power stations are among the projects being executed by our team.

Together with our partners we build all kinds of infrastructures from railways to airports as well as development of sewerage and drainage works, irrigation and water supply, cable installation works, road intersections and asphalt paving, cross country and sub-sea gas pipelines and others.
The team can work in all kinds of building structures such as civic, residential, commercial, industrial buildings and hospitals. Our partners have an established experience in the construction of luxury villas, hotels, warehouses, office blocks, specialized hospitals, prestigious office spaces and other commercial structures and developments.

ADGECO group and its partners also cater to all kinds of civil works. We have a reliable experience in construction and development of roads and bridges, subway, railroads, tunnels, land development, canal, dams, irrigations and may more.

Our experience and expertise in various sector of the construction industry together with our commitment to quality and safety allows our team to provide total construction services to the fullest satisfaction of our clients as we achieve our goal to contribute in the development and growth of the country.

We extend our services to cover and excel in several domains such as:

[wptabtitle]Civil Works[/wptabtitle]

  • Roads and Bridges
  • Subway, Railroad and Tunnels
  • Land Development
  • Canal, Dam & irrigation
  • Water & Wastewater
  • Site Clearance, Reclamation, Dredging, Mooring Dock, Breakwater
  • Runway Pavement
  • Aviation School Runway


[wptabtitle]Building Works[/wptabtitle]

  • Housing (Apartment)
  • High – rise Building
  • Commercial & Cultural Building
  • Office and Public Building
  • Education, Medical & Research Facilities

[wptabtitle]Airport Buildings[/wptabtitle]

Design, development and construction supervision of airport facilities and buildings

  • Design and construction of control tower
  • Terminal Buildings
  • Airport Master planning
  • Cargo terminal buildings
  • Aeronautics room
  • Warehouse bay
  • Contingency training center
  • Emergency building service
  • Underground and surface parking

Commercial Area

[wptabtitle]Singular Building[/wptabtitle]

  • Design varied constructions, such as offices, hospitals, commercial buildings, educational buildings, barracks and buildings for the Ministry of Defense.




  • Construction and installations for conventional catenary lines
  • Design, manufacture, supply and installation of the superstructure systems
  • Replacement of the contact wire and suspension wire on several sections of the standard catenary
  • Undertake electrification, signaling, interlock, communications and control system
  • Introduce system for automatic train location
  • Passenger information and station control
    – Remote control including lighting, intrusion – Access control such as ventilation and A/C, CCTV, Fire Protection, Electric Control
  • High speed overhead power line system
    – 360 stations under control
    – 1540 tele – indicators
    – 900 multimedia screen
    – Automatic and centralized multi-zone PA
    – 102 intercons
    – 60 cameras



  • Preventive and technical/legal maintenance work on high and low-tension system
  • HVAC
  • Fire-fighting system
  • Highly qualified predictive system such as thermography, vibration analysis, air quality studies and worked performed by a specialist technical office



* Mechanical and fabrication works
* Electrical and instrumentation contracting
* Plumbing, design, installation and maintenance
* Trenchless technology for service installations
* Concrete and metal structure
* Special foundations, micro – tunneling and excavations
* Property development and service networks
* Hydraulic and environmental projects
* Rehabilitation of spaces
* Rehabilitation of buildings
* Installations, outfitting and equipment
* Ornamental illumination
* Prefabs