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Synonymous to development is the increase in population which is becoming more and more concentrated as the rates and level of urbanization increase. As the economy grows and industries are built, population also increases. Individuals from the rural areas opted to relocate in cities as number of job and business opportunities grew. Although these have advantages, its effects on the environment are rather negative. More industries and bigger population means higher volume of waste. Industries use oil, chemicals and other substances which have harmful effects on the environment. Households and commercial establishments produce tons of solid waste every day. Waste management is therefore necessary in order to minimize its effect on the environment and on mankind.

A sustainable system of waste management will enable to reduce the hazardous effects of waste in our environment and on the health and welfare of the people. It is not only the governments’ duty to implement a waste management system but also the responsibility of each individual to properly dispose of their garbage.

ADGECO Group have partnered with companies capable of providing services in the field of cleaning and waste disposal of both solid and liquid waste including complete waste management.
The cleaning and waste management team is composed of top caliber professionals and dedicated employees using modern vehicles and equipment for an effective and efficient execution of projects. In order to improved business operations and to cut down fuel consumption, time loss and overtime costs, the fleets used by our team are fitted with GPS system that gives real-time information readily available to managers which enable them to make quick and efficient decisions.

Our team caters to Municipal, Commercial, Industrial, residential services, government and military entities providing services in domestic collection and disposal, commercial collections, mechanical sweeping, waste water collection, skip services, static compactors, open land clearance, open land clearance, oil spill removal and hazardous waste transport. They also provide assistance and advice on recycling and other matters relating to waste. They can help with all types of drain cleaning/maintenance with high pressure washing and drain jetting.

The services we are providing are ISO 14001-2004 & ISO 9001-2008 accredited. We uphold to provide outstanding services as we value our client’s full satisfaction. ADGECO Group and its partners have invested in a network of waste disposal services and strongly committed to a foundation of financial strength, operating excellence and professionalism. Our team has developed a slick operational system that enables the establishment of a smooth and faster reaction leading to a better service. Our team is committed in caring for the environment and the people as is shown by the continuous research and upgrade of our technologies and methods as well as provision of regular training for our employees.
Our team of highly qualified managers and well-trained employees has one role that is to meet the needs of each customer group and ensure consistent superior services at all times. Adgeco Group and its partners work hard to make a positive difference to the communities and the environment.