Project for the second program contract is nearly completed

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The project of the second program for the development of construction industry contract is almost completed. His signing with the National Federation of Building and the Moroccan Federation of consulting and engineering will probably occur before the end of the year.

Project for the second program contract is nearly completed

Project for the second program contract is nearly completed

The new contractual framework has been developed based on the findings of a study conducted by the Ministry of Public Works, Transportation and Logistics on the development of engineering and construction company. The second program will support national contract business and engineering and reform the area surrounding the construction business. The draft strategic plan will also encourage business operators to integrate new businesses such as delegated management of public services (environment, renewable energy, etc.). It also plans to launch a study to establish a new system of price revision of public procurement fair and to reduce the difference between the additional cost borne by the company and the cost of the contract revised.

And to promote the emergence of national champions, the program contract provides business development in public-private ownership. Objective, face competition from Chinese and Turkish operators jostling at the gate of the African market worth billions of dirhams. To guarantee better visibility in the market, the Department of Public Works is now arranging an observatory construction project.

The structure project will incessantly watch and observe industry performance through reliable and actionable indicators and serve as a tool for decision support, anticipation, monitoring and evaluation of policy actions with respect to changes in the environment of the construction industry.

Once prepared, the Centre will build up a sectoral economic intelligence on the construction and system for reliable information specific to the activity. The device will also allow boosting the competitiveness of the sector and facilitating strategic planning.

Mohamed Dekkak