Project Managers are in demand in the GCC Construction Market

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Construction services in the Gulf Cooperation Council is pumping up that leads to the in demand professional use of project managers.Project Managers are in demand in the GCC Construction Market
It has been noted that for the past years after recuperating from global economic predicament, complex construction projects have been initiated, built and accomplished.
Most of these large scale and mega-projects were funded by the government and were divided into multiple phases that requires host of companies for construction services working on each fundamentals.
This triggers the growing trend for the selection of project and program managers in the GCC as well as the implementation of technology to execute better workflows.
Aside from spending on super infrastructures and complex structures, another factor have seen of this growing demand is the preparation for foremost global events such as Dubai Expo 2020, FIFA 2020 and World Cup
Experts says that as the demand on the construction services requiring professional assistance of project and program leaders continues, it is a due season for the management industry and marks the end of a lean period brought about by the global financial crisis.
The only challenge would be recruiting and hiring experienced and qualified staff.
Most construction services companies have already acquired major program of work in the region and are expected to have a heavy engagement leaving them less able to take on new projects without significant hiring.

Mohamed Dekkak