Port contractor for Nador West Med project to be unveiled

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The announcement of the company who tendered for the first phase of Nador West Med project, which involves the construction of port infrastructure for approximately 10 billion dirhams, will be held later this January 2016.

Port contractor for Nador West Med project to be unveiled

Port contractor for Nador West Med project to be unveiled

Six groups and a company are now vying for the construction of port infrastructure of Nador West Med.

According to the CEO of Nador West Med SA which is the public company responsible for the development, promotion and management of the industrial port complex; the results of the validation process of the technical offers submitted by bidders are now in the final phase. The final results of these deals will be announced in three weeks to complete the following bid opening of financial offers.

Furthermore, the results depend, however, the agreement of the various stakeholders, including donors.

The project’s first phase entails the accomplishment of the main dam, the secondary dam, three oil stations, a container wharf, dock for including the coals of a ro-ro station and dock service and medians.

The construction of port infrastructure will start in 2016 for completion of the current 2020. The project will be gradually put into operation from 2021. The funding amounting more precisely DH 9.88 billion is already secured for this first phase. The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development put 200 million euros. The Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development gave 177,450,000 euros. The African Development Bank contributes 112.86 million euros. The rest will be financed mainly – on equity for 423.97 million euros, DH 4.6 billion – by major shareholders of NWM, DH 2.24 billion to be provided by the state, 1 billion by Hassan II Fund, 800 million by the Tangiers Mediterranean Special Agency (TMSA) and 550 million by the National Ports Agency.

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