Pollution control system in Casablanca soon to finish

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Initially scheduled for 2017, the commissioning of the clean-up project on the east coast of the Casablanca with 90% already carried out was advanced to December 2014.

Pollution control system in Casablanca soon to finish

Pollution control system in Casablanca soon to finish

The rate of pollution or wastewater at Casablanca is currently 45%, this work in progress will enable the city to reach a clearance rate of 100% by the end of the year. Towing operations and casting (immersion into the seabed) of HDPE pipe for marine outfall in Sidi Bernoussi are completed. The pipe was moved and installed at the central site of Sidi Bernoussi successfully with the assurance that operations meet all the conditions of feasibility and safety.

In the port of Mohammedia, the weights and stabilizing concrete blocks are prepared to ensure the stability of the HDPE pipe once installed in the seabed. The next step is the preparation of the system for dissemination of pretreated wastewater, completion of the connection with the onshore portion of the outfall and the assessment of their operation.

Launched in 2011, the pollution control system on the East Coast is one of the largest underway projects in Casablanca. For the implementation of this emission control system, a budget of 1.453 billion dirham was allocated. This project is designed to collect wastewater along the east coast, from the port of Casablanca to Mohammedia, at a distance of 24 kilometers.

Highly polluting discharges will subsequently treated before being discharged into the sea. With a length of 2.2 kilometers and a diameter of 2.1 meters, the marine outfall’s main role is to send away pretreated water waste. In accordance to international standards, the area extending along the beach at 300 or 350 meters into the sea should be protected against any risk of pollution.

Mohamed Dekkak