Plans for Deira deep-sewer tunnel underway

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Comparable to the Strategic Tunnel Enhancement Program (STEP) in Abu Dhabi, the Municipality of Dubai is now  in preparation to build a deep-sewer tunnel and network in the Deira area of the emirate.

Plans for Deira deep-sewer tunnel underway

Plans for Deira deep-sewer tunnel underway

The plans for the said project are on its early stages of development and studies are yet to be completed. Moreover, the capacity and the size of the planned tunnel are not yet finalized.

After the completion of initial studies, a tender will be floated for a preliminary engineering contract which entails providing of around 30 per cent of the design for the scheme.

The said scheme corresponds with a number of construction projects intended to develop and reinforce Deira, which will promote the area’s present sewage infrastructure.

A $2.2 billion or AED 8 billion worth Deira Waterfront project includes the construction of commercial and residential buildings with associated facilities and a local developer in Dubai is now focusing in its Deira Islands development. The main works for the tunnel in Abu Dhabi’s STEP project were fulfilled in 2014. The project is about the construction of a 41-kilometre long tunnel running from Abu Dhabi Island.

On the other hand, Delegates the construction of a major pumping station, which will be located in Al-Wathba under STEP, is said to be 40 per cent complete, and the completion is set by the end of 2015.

Mohamed Dekkak