Plans for Argan and Oasis Zones development, announced

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A communication workshop with selected territorial governments, local authorities and decentralized technical services was held in the City of Guelmim regarding to the scope of the development plan for oasis zones of Argan.

Plans for Argan and Oasis Zones development, announced

Plans for Argan and Oasis Zones development, announced

The workshop was headed by the Director National Agency for the Development of Oasis Zones and Argan (ANDZOA) who discussed and explained the modalities of its execution and intervention at certain areas in the province as well as its contribution in local development and its relationship with the various stakeholders.

The undertaking aims to put up a competitive and attractive territory whose natural resources are conserved and improved for the advantage of citizens through a national strategy. Including to its goal is to perk up social indicators in the intervention area through the execution of development projects in participation of the stakeholders.

This approach is devised based on wide-ranging and strategic diagnostic intervention, including the study of programs according to sectors and territories and the assessment of people’s needs, in order to develop a comprehensive and integrated tactical vision in preparation for 2020.  Governance programs and projects are expected to be put into action to guarantee innovation, human development, economic feasibility and preservation of natural capital.

Regardless of the fragile ecosystems and challenging conditions, ANDZOA is confident to encourage sustainable development through the support and contribution of all local actors translating the aspirations of people in development for a sound and balanced participatory approach while ensuring convergence of the programs and sectoral strategies across each province.

Mohamed Dekkak