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Pipeline Construction

Adgeco Group’s fleet of operating machines and its highly capable management and administrative personnel. Heavily involved in the construction industry, the company deals with civil works, excavation, emergency response service, construction of gas and natural gas pipelines, pre-commissioning and commissioning pipeline projects, salvaging pipeline, right of way pipeline construction and maintenance, fabrication, and installation of pipe structures.

Pipeline Construction Services

pipeline construction
We supply for the following classes:

  • High-pressure gas pipelines DN < 300
  • High pressure gas pipelines 300 < DN < 500
  • High pressure gas pipelines 500 < DN < 650
  • High pressure gas pipelines 650 < DN < 900
  • High-pressure gas pipelines DN > 900
  • Earth moving and excavations of any type

Our range of pipeline construction and services include:

  • Pipeline mechanical works (pipe stringing, bending, welding, sandblasting and wrapping, pipeline laying, hydraulic tests, connection of pipeline sections, cathodic protection of pipes, etc.);
  • Pipeline civil works (land surveying using GPS equipment, route staking, route clearance, backfill, definitive reinstatement work, excavation, open-cut/drilled system water crossings, complementary works, etc.);
  • General civil and mechanical works (excavation and earth moving work, concrete pouring, backfill, pre- prefabrication & installation of PRMS stations plus other related piping spools, mechanical assembly, painting and wrapping, sandblasting, de-watering and hydro tests, complementary works, etc.);

Our company’s dedicated team of professionals from engineers, project managers, welders, etc. assures the excellent quality regarding carrying out the technicalities as well as management of all our pipeline projects.

We value everyone’s safety while we provide consistent& competent offerings of top-notch craftsmanship, upon client’s requirements in conjunction with Intl. Standard and specs. To meet the demands of our client, we incorporate and utilize our local assets and partners to integrate local service in the Gulf region with state of the art machinery.

Together with our team of experts that continuously strives to strengthen and upgrade its service into managing our projects, Adgeco group has established the capability to accomplish projects on schedule backed with good feedback from our customers. Please contact us for any inquiry.