Phosphoric Acid Plant in Jorf Lasfar, inaugurated

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The new Jorf Lasfar phosphoric acid plant fueled by phosphate pulp and developed through a full Moroccan expertise was inaugurated by King Mohammed VI.

Phosphoric Acid Plant in Jorf Lasfar, inaugurated

Phosphoric Acid Plant in Jorf Lasfar, inaugurated

Part of the new production system of the Office of Phosphates (OCP), the new production plant of phosphoric acid, which opened on Thursday at the industrial complex of Jorf Lasfar is the first commercial plant of its kind powered by pulp phosphate.

The plant is intended primarily to offset the loss of production at the phosphoric acid plant at work to adapt existing production lines through the use of phosphate pulp. The second is to significantly increase the production capacity of the Jorf Lasfar platform in phosphoric acid and fertilizers.

The new infrastructure shows a significant ecological path. The construction was based on a concentration of technology used in the production of phosphate derivatives. The plant is said to have a daily production of 1,400 tons of phosphoric acid or 450,000 tons per year and it also has a storage tank, a reactor with four digesters and multiple cooling and gas scrubbing units.

The commissioning of this plant allows the OCP to achieve significant savings of water and energy, and lower exhaust emissions and dust. The energy consumption was lessened for about 40% compared to older production lines. It also allows the use of water resources in excess of 20%.

The technology which is utilized for the design and construction of the plant and the production process is used to halve emissions of fluorine. Powered by the phosphate pulp, the plant can successfully eliminate releases of dust particles.

Mohamed Dekkak