A Peek inside the world’s biggest indoor amusement park

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A Peek inside the world's biggest indoor amusement park

A Peek inside the world’s biggest indoor amusement park

Visitors can turn in a gondola sculpted on Thor’s hammer, wave to the Powerpuff young ladies in a bright parade or get pursued by friends and madmen when the world’s biggest indoor amusement park opens in August in Dubai.

To date, IMG Worlds of Adventure’s more than 20 rides and attractions at are in the last phases of testing and contracting, with dancers and acrobats getting ready for live exhibitions since February.

The theme park – with a total landmass that is equivalent to 28 football fields and high as a 10-story building – guarantees hair-raising encounters like for example, the Haunted Hotel, whose guests must be 15 or older to “check in”.

“As we need to keep a touch of surprise, to keep the enchantment alive I will just share one feature attraction: the Haunted Hotel. This was the most splendidly frightening experience of my life,” said Lennard Otto, CEO of IMG Worlds of Adventure.

Strolling through the haunted hotel, visitors will pass by a maze of winding halls, tormented by spirits and hatchet yielding crazy people.

“Almost immediately when you enter you’ll be rushing to get away,” Mr. Otto said.

Sixty-nine life-size dinosaurs sneak in the wildernesses of the Lost Valley, the dinosaur activity zone. The plant-eating Barosaurus is the theme park’s largest model at a towering 15.5 meters. It took the Japanese animatronic pro organization Kokoro five years to make the figure, which could look over a five-story building if stood on rear legs.

“To create each of the 69 dinosaurs that are inside the theme park, Kokoro utilized hydrodynamics to imitate their unique dinosaur movements,” Mr. Otto said.

“Artist’s specialists have hand-etched the scales part of these dinosaurs. A thin covering layer of silicone gives their skin a sparkling, life-like appearance, like that of today’s living reptiles.”

Not for the timid, the Velociraptor ride starts in the theme park’s jungle before moving guests outside for 2.5 seconds at 100 kph. Named after the snappy, winged animal-like predator, the ride centers on close vertical drops and sharp speed.

The project’s chief officer, Mr. Markus Mack-Even, said his most loved attraction is the Ben 10 5-D cinema, which presents the tale of a kid who utilizes an effective watch to take advantage of his alien alter egos. The script has been created solely for IMG Worlds of Adventure.

“You are completely absorbed into Ben 10’s reality as the 5-D, multi-sensory experience welcomes visitors to fight evil and experience beat hustling activity,” Mr. Mack-Even said.

Day by day parades, meet and greet and live shows with Marvel superheroes can keep more youthful guests entertained at the theme park, which will have events organized by around 80 artists, gymnastic acrobats and other performers.

In the Cartoon Network Zone, there will be live performances happening daily at the LazyTown theater, with musical exhibitions in view of the children’s show.

The IMG management said it got an overwhelming response from the UAE and GCC and in addition North Africa, China, Russia, Iran, Germany, India, and the UK. It declined to reveal sales of ticket, yet said it has assessed it will get 4.5 million guests in its first year.

IMG Worlds of Adventure will open its gate two months ahead of Dubai Parks and Resorts, which will incorporate three connected amusement parks – the Hollywood-inspired Motiongate, Bollywood Parks Dubai and Legoland Dubai.

“We are driving a new industry creating the path for Dubai to wind up a worldwide recreation and entertainment destination set to compete that of Orlando, Florida,” Mr. Otto said.

Tickets are accessible for the August 15 dispatch at www.IMGworlds.com. They cost 300 dirhams for grown-ups and Dh250 for kids for a day. Kids under 3 years of age and 0.9m in stature is free of charge.

The theme park will be open from 10am to 10pm on weekdays and 10am to midnight on weekends.


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