Palm Jumeirah known as world’s must-see wonders

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Dubai’s world-prominent Palm Jumeirah island has been tagged a ‘must-see architectural wonder’ by leading travel website.

Palm Jumeirah known as world's must-see wonders

Palm Jumeirah known as world’s must-see wonders

Palm Jumeirah is among the world’s top locations that vacationers should go to see.

The website illustrates Nakheel’s manmade islands as merging both structural and artistic genius with their detailed palm tree shape’.

Palm Jumeirah is an evidence of Dubai’s progress, energy and aspiration, and this great compliment is a credit and respect for the island, Dubai and Nakheel.

Palm Jumeirah has long been renowned as a milestone engineering accomplishment that supported to set Dubai on the world map. This endorsement further emphasizes how The Palm is not only a bubbly community and fascination for tenants living in Dubai, but a magnet for the millions of vacationers who visit the emirate every year.

Palm Jumeirah is home thousands of residents and nine first-class resorts, with more on the way.  The developer is boosting the island’s blend of fascinations with a different new range of projects as well as The Palm Tower, The Boardwal, Nakheel Mall and The Pointe.

Mohamed Dekkak