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Oujda is a Moroccan City located on the border along oriental Rif, capital of the prefecture of Oujda-Angad, in the region of Oriental. Its nearness to the port of Nador and with the Algeria allows them to be the intersection between Morocco and Algeria.

Oujda, Morocco

Oujda, Morocco

The medina of Oujda was established in 994 4, close to the Plain of Angads through Ziri Ibn Attia, chief of the tribe Maghraoua (tribe Berber Zenata of Aures), who founded the court 4. Invested by the Caliphs Umayyad of Cordoba command of both Maghreb, Ziri Ben Attia chose to shift the center of the country it will administer. It consequently chose to make a capital close to the source of Sidi Yahia and mountains that can probably be his refuge.

The city which stayed for eight decades the seat of the dynasty zénète 4. Step by step, it happens to be significant because of its city status relay on two major trade courses. These are the north-south road to sea Sijilmassa and west-east, and the west-east route Fez eastward . Its tactical place will reveal numerous destructive invasions during its history.

The gigantic Sahara, the impressive Rif and an ancient city rich in historical monuments. Fly to Oujda, the city where nature and culture go hand in hand.

The small town of Oujda  lies in eastern Morocco. Because of its exceptional links, the city is an idyllic base for exploring the rest of the nation. But first discover Oujda same, and very attractive treasures it includes. Admire the old city and its markets or visit the magnificent Palais Dar Sebti, especially at night. The people of Oujda really appreciate the small town of Figuig. Housed in the heart of palm trees, hills and sandy stretches, you will have a unique moment!

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