Oujda-Algerian border will be completed in 2019

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The construction of the last stretch of the highway linking Oujda, Morocco  at the border separating Algeria from the “Zouj Bghal” will begin soon.

Oujda-Algerian border completed in 2019

Oujda-Algerian border completed in 2019

The preliminary phases of this project have already been concluded. The Morocco will finance 50% of the cost of this highway, approximately 100 million DH. The infrastructure will be equipped in 2019.

With the accomplishment of this line of 22 km and construction of the missing connections still at some Maghreb nations, the project of highway Transmaghrébine will lastly complete.

A uninterrupted motorway corridor from Agadir then go straightforwardly from Morocco to Ras Ajdir (border between Tunisia and Libya). The highway is approximated to go across Transmaghrébine Mauritania, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Libya over 2500 km.

This highway is expected to make a real regional economic dynamics, but rather uneven political circumstances in other nations could be an obstacle to this objective.

Highway Transmaghrébine is the biggest and most expensive infrastructure projects in Africa. It will serve 55 cities with a total population of over 50 million inhabitants and 22 international airports.

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