Olympic pool in Mohammedia soon to be restored

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The Urban Commune of Mohammedia scheduled the redevelopment of the Olympic swimming pool together with the covered sports center and recreation rooms.

Olympic pool in Mohammedia soon to be restored

Olympic pool in Mohammedia soon to be restored

Built for the Mediterranean Games in 1983, the Olympic pool welcomed young athletes and fans of swimming and water polo, as well as children from poor families. This was an area of freedom and meetings, a place of the liveliest in the city.

A budget of 4 million dirham has been approved by the Urban Commune of Mohammedia to revive this space and restore its former glory. This pool may, in the near future, play a full role in the development of swimming in Mohammedia and the emergence of new champions. This initiative will finally address the setback of closed spaces and non-execution of projects to preserve established traditions of a city’s sports background, cultural and artistic honor.

The pool was closed for 14 years and was completely degraded, all technical equipment and the remainder is unrecoverable. At the time of its commissioning, DH4.818 million was paid by the urban community of Casablanca and Council of Mohammedia City for implementation.

In any case, the necessary changes to the rehabilitation of the Olympic pool will be launched shortly. According to a former athlete, the city should invest in its development and swimming is a beneficial sport to fight against diseases.  The people welcome this initiative with the hope that it will expand to other still non-operational projects.

Mohamed Dekkak