Oil and Gas Distribution Firm in Morocco Launches Fuel Kit

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Third distribution network and third player in the Moroccan oil market; Morocco Total launches new kit fuel kit as a way out in distributingOil and Gas Distribution Firm in Morocco Launches Fuel Kit process on remote and huge areas.
The mobile kit is a container equipped with a tank, a fuel distributor and all the necessary piping.
The “green” trend affecting more and more companies in various sectors, as is the case of Total Morocco, which is the preservation and respects of the environment a priority. To this end, the oil group, present in Morocco for more than 80 years, launches mobile and environmentally friendly fuel kit.
This initiative in the oil and gas sector is designed to meet the business needs to create a solution fuel distribution on large sites and remote areas. It is outfitted with a fuel tank, a fuel distributor supplied either via the mains or by solar panels, and all the necessary piping.
“The mobile fuel kit can be moved as needed and reusable across multiple projects. Thus, no need to reinvest: container preserves the tank valve and piping climate hazards, breakage and theft, “says the company.
Set with solar panels, the new fuel kits are distributed by Temasol for the fuel dispenser.
“Perfectly secure and tight, the proposed solution meets the most stringent European standards for safety and allows companies to store and distribute all types of fuel,” the company stated on local media interviews.

Mohamed Dekkak