OCP has numerous projects to develop

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The Moroccan publicly owned Office Chérifien de Phosphates (OCP) has numerous projects ongoing to develop output, with most analysts expecting a revival in the worldwide market by 2016.

OCP has numerous projects to develop

OCP has numerous projects to develop

Amplified sales of value-added fertilizers may aid counterbalance the turn down in raw product values in the near future.

OCP is approaching ahead with a MAD 145 billion investment program to boost its production capability and lessen charges, placing itself fine for a marketplace upturn.

The publicly owned firm, which has four mining hubs and two processing plants, is aspiring to double its yearly capability of phosphates between 2007 and 2017 by increasing recent mines and commencing new ones, with a certain focal point on enhancing downstream activity.

The OCP investments will be partially utilized for creating a phosphate cleaning plant in Merah, a 235-km pipeline between Khouribga and its Jorf place, and the launch of three new mines at the Khouribga mining area, which will enlarge production from 18.5m tons to 38m tons by 2020.

Mohamed Dekkak