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No specific timetable for Hyperloop Dubai

No specific timetable for Hyperloop Dubai

According to reports, the Road and Transport Authority of Dubai (RTA) is ordering provisional research to figure out the possibility of hyperloop technology, however no timetable has been established for its execution.

RTA created a committee to supervise activities associated with Dubai Future Accelerators Program as a part of which, the organization has considered the opportunity of utilizing a hyperloop for mass transit, and the city’s capacity to accommodate transit modes which includes driverless automobiles.

HE Mattar Al Tayer, of the RTA stated that the agency has lately made some trial run of an autonomous vehicle following a a hit debut in the Mohammed bin Rashid boulevard and WTC.

The RTA have chosen 3 businesses as part of the Dubai future Accelerators Program, among them is Hyperloop One, where a Memorandum of Understanding has been made to review the possibility of the hyperloop technology in connecting Dubai with different locations inside the UAE.

At some stage in the trial run, a research will be done to confirm the viability of launching the technology together with its economic benefits.

“The system is practically new and needs more tests, with its safety license hasn’t been issued, it has decided to study the technology for Dubai without setting a timeline as of the moment.

For the past three months, Hyperloop One, together with the RTA, has conducted research focusing on the recommended routes in Dubai, the financial, and ecological impact, and the scale of traffic congestions & carbon emissions.

Moreover, provisional research were made to study the guidelines of releasing safefy certificate.

The Road and Transport Authority have provided Hyperloop One with the data in an effort to assist make clear the deliverables of the provisional study and the possibility of assessing effects.

Al Tayer stated that workshops have additionally been held with hyperloop specialists to talk about crucial details pertaining to passengers’ safety, impact of possible challenges and dangers, provisional plans to counter their gravity, and different technical concerns.

After the study, Hyperloop One will submit final reports for assessment of deliverables through RTA experts, and suggestions could be raised to the committee to evaluate the feasibility of implementing hyperloop.

“The goal of RTA’s participation in Dubai Future Accelerators Program is the search for the latest solutions on social mobility highlighting on shared mobility method. The RTA has consequently these days released the smart rental system, which improves the mobility of public transport riders and their arrivals to final destinations. Hence, it contributes to realizing one of the strategic goals of the RTA in elevating the percentage of public transport within the mobility of public to thirty percent by 2030, aside from cutting off traffic fatalities,” added Al Tayer.

In first quarter of 2017, the preliminary stage of Hyperloop One’s test operation could be executed in the US utilizing a vacuum tube with 500 meters in length.


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