New wholesale market for poultry operational soon

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New wholesale market for poultry operational soon

New wholesale market for poultry operational soon

For over a year, the wholesale market is set to open soon. The urban district of Hay Mohammadi decided to transform the poultry slaughterhouses to meet the minimum required standards.  Ninety percent of the old improvised plant for poultry market has been renovated.

Large works were carried out and the ground was evidently renewed. The derelict warehouses were reconstructed and redevelopment works also cover water sanitation, electricity networks and the seal coating. The new market will be outfitted in the police station and allow access of health service.

For the meantime, much of the market activity is temporarily transferred outside pending the rehabilitation of the site. The Jaafar Al Barmaki street in Hay Mohammadi is crowded as traders make their transactions outside the market. Professionals do not hesitate to unload their goods at the roadside. Citizens are also their purchases outside the market.

Costing over 700 million dirham, the redevelopment project is currently expecting the approval of the Wali of Casablanca to provide an additional 360,000 dirham which is needed to set up a steel structure to protect the consumers on the weather.  This supplementary budget, which should be available within two months, will also finance the well to be dug in the market to avoid the use of drinking water.

Awaitng the official opening of poultry slaughterhouses, the market could open in the coming days to accommodate merchants and consumers in appropriate conditions. According to professionals the redevelopment of the poultry market in Hay Mohammadi is an interim solution until they find a suitable site to host it.

Mohamed Dekkak