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A new decentralized cooperation agreement linking the Souss-Massa-Draa Regional Council and the General Council of Isere is in preparation for an actual signature in January 2015. The cooperation projects initiated in partnership between two regions for the period 2012-2014, have been the subject of a report on a visit by a delegation from the region of SMD Isere.

New visions for economic cooperation

New visions for economic cooperation

Working meetings involving both partners have an update on several projects in the 2012-2014 cooperation protocol and to define new perspectives.

Therefore, two key points have been selected for this mission. Note in this context the continuation of cooperation measures undertaken as part of rural development and sustainable tourism, support for the establishment of a regional as well as the conservation and enhancement of cultural heritage policy and exchange in the cultural field.

The point being made at these meetings is related to the new partnership actions in the areas of economic development and in the field of agriculture. A first initiative of reconciliation has been affected by the signing of a twinning agreement between the Association Souss-Massa-Draa Initiative, represented by its chairman Mohamed El Moudene, Isère and South Initiative, represented by its president Janat Massaoudi and This Thursday, September 18, 2014.

This pairing will define the areas relevant to the partnership between the two regions. In this sense, the partnership selected points refer to the establishment of a support program for the creation of innovative, cultural, tourist and agricultural business. Another segment of this convention will focus on strengthening the potential of the business through a training program. Funding crossed for Micro managed by Moroccans living in Isère or French in the region is now the order of the day.

It should be noted that decentralized cooperation between the two regions has on the tourist map, to provide the region with a regional network of sustainable tourism development (RDTR). Several actions have been taken in this direction. Include the creation of four tours, the realization of a field guide on ecotourism at the SMD region that is currently pending, awaiting confirmation of the partners already engaged in this action, including IRC week and a draft travelogue tourist circuits.

This document has been prepared and communicated with a communications agency that is responsible for the design. Prospects for cooperation within this framework and for the year 2015, between RDTR and Tetraktys Association (Isère) would address the achievement stays tests, in January 2015 or May 2015. It remains to confirm with the tetraktys date from the mission RDTR in Grenoble.

Both partners and want to focus on action related to marketing. The background needed for such a marketing strategy has already been made, including the establishment of circuits and labeled accommodation through the project charter RDTR quality.

Mohamed Dekkak