New Souk for ironworkers soon to rise in Beni Makada

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A new complex craft, costing 350 million dirhams, will be constructed on the big district of Beni Makada to sustain the growth of the sector.New Souk for ironworkers soon to rise in Beni Makada
Under the royal mega Tangier-M├ętropole, the execution of this new project is part of a major restoration and construction of local markets which will help more than 350 iron-workers, most of them working in the current souk in Sidi Bouabid.
Considered one of the oldest sites of Tangier, the souk for iron workers in Sidi Bouabid became, over time, very burdensome for causing heavy traffic. This situation is explained by its location, which is in the area of Bouarakia and near the Grand Socco, one of the liveliest and most popular sites for both motorists and pedestrians.
The project is going to be moved to the border of Tangier like the other public establishments such as wholesale markets, bus station, and slaughterhouses to improve traffic flow in the city center.
As part of the National Initiative for Humana Development (NIHD), the complex will provide spacious workshops for the display and sale of wrought iron objects, made by the beneficiaries of this project. This timely project is intended to create a favorable place for grouping local iron-workers and to increase the visitors and investors from foreign countries.
This is projected to draw in more young people to share and improve their skills, particularly the best performers of the institutions of vocational training. The improvement of customary ironwork Tangier is influenced by the creativity and expertise of artisans, and the raw material used in the creation of their products. The works of Tangier Metal smith is renowned for its units having an imported mixture of Andalusia and other regions of Spain and Italy.
The King said that the launching of the project in Beni Makada under Tanger-Metropole program will contribute to restrict informal trade through transferring of street vendors.

Mohamed Dekkak