New solution for biometric passport adopted by Morocco

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Morocco became the first country outside European Union to issue new generation of biometric passports.

New solution for biometric passport adopted by Morocco

New solution for biometric passport adopted by Morocco

The complete solution for biometric passport program in Morocco was announced that it will be delivered in Da As-Sikkah. The solution is intended for digital security and this upgrade includes secure Sealys eTravel Operating System and electronic covers integrating a contactless microprocessor in which the photo and fingerprints of the holder. The company who provides these services offers personalization, Coesys Issuance solution and installation, training and maintenance.

The deployment of this solution happened in December 2009 with three years supply agreement. The data acquisition of citizens will be processed through the collaboration of the supplier’s Coesys Enrolment solution and its Moroccan partner Netopia along with the Ministry of Interior.

Furthermore, the service provider has implemented a process of delegation to Netopia to accompany the start of the project. With this program, Morocco can be the first country to distribute biometric passports with the extended EAC (Extended Access Control) compliance with European specifications for access control.

The provider is to have expertise in mobile connectivity, identity protection and data security of credit cards, health care and transportation services, e-government and national security. To complete the solution, it also provides software, systems and services to help its customers achieve their goals.

Mohamed Dekkak