New Power Plan 2050 for a Greener UAE

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New Power Plan 2050 for a Greener UAE

New Power Plan 2050 for a Greener UAE

Grand plans to support clean energy then lessen reliance on natural gas to produce power are at the focal point of the UAE’s new energy strategy for the succeeding 30 years.

The UAE Energy Plan 2050 intends to cut emissions of carbon dioxide by seventy percent, intensify usage of clean energy by fifty percent and enhance energy efficiencies by forty percent by the mid of the century, bringing about savings funds worth AED700 bn.

The approach’s objectives for the energy source for local utilization by 2050 were put at 44 percent from renewable energy, 12 percent from clean fossil, 38 percent from gas, and 6 percent from nuclear energy. Right now, more than 90 percent of UAE’s energy needs are met by natural gas.

“Guaranteeing energy resources sustainability implies guaranteeing the ongoing  development of the nation,” stated Sheik Mohammed bin Rashid, VP and Ruler of Dubai, during the presentation of the plan.

“The gov’t. made an achievement in planning the first unified energy approach for the country encompassing production and utilization.

“The people who don’t ponder about energy aren’t contemplating what’s to come.”

Integrating of nuclear, renewable, & clean fossil energy will be financed with venture of Dh600bn throughout the succeeding 33 years, meaning a yearly spend of more than 17 billion dirham.

Sheik Mohammed said the initial national energy plan would guarantee a harmony between financial needs and environment targets.

He stated that the strategy would require everyone’s participation from companies to the energy sector and executive councils.

In spite of being one of the top oil makers and exporters, the United Arab Emirates is likewise looking to nuclear energy to meet its expanding demand for energy, with its first nuclar power plant, Barakah.

When it is completely operational, the four-reactor plant will deliver 25 percent of the country’s needs.

Sheik Mohammed additionally calls on a region-wide policy on energy. He said that nations in the gulf area are just the same when it comes to economic structure and they plan to have a unified GCC energy strategy to guarantee the continued improvement of the people and the worldwide strength of GCC economies.

This will be administered by the Ministry of Energy and the Ministry of Cabinet Affairs and the Future.

Minister of Climate Change and Environment, Dr. Thani Al Zeyoudi, stated that the approach was an incredible stride towards the future for which the country strives.

The minister stated that the country’s dependence on sustainable energy is an ensured step towards a brighter future for us and for future eras.

ADNOC’s Chief Executive Officer and Minister of State, Sultan Al Jaber, said the new approach was an essential stride in energy security, which was the foundation of all financial and advancement action.


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