New planning standards commenced in Abu Dhabi

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Each resident of Abu Dhabi will take pleasure in easy access to high-quality society facilities and services over the coming years under new standards revealed by the Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council (UPC).

New planning standards commenced in Abu Dhabi

New planning standards commenced in Abu Dhabi

The new Abu Dhabi Community Facility Planning Standards (CFPS) set out the specific social, educational, cultural, recreational and healthcare facilities that must be provided in new and existing communities across the Emirate.

Depending on the size, demographics and requirements of an expansion, these might include sports centers, schools, hospitals and police stations, amongst others. The record gives policies and direction for government offices, developers and planners as to the needed number, category and place of community amenities and facilities in project offers.

For instance, it indicates that a society of between 6,000 and 10,000 occupants must have access to a neighbourhood centre comprising of a community centre, a police point, an early-learning centre and a small medical clinic.

The document avers that a ‘sub-regional centre’ must be given for each 80,000 occupants. This would have a society support centre, a cultural centre and a multi-purpose hall, and also all the facilities and amenities found in a neighbourhood centre and a district centre.

This launch is further important highlight for the UPC and for the upcoming development of the Emirate corresponding to the Vision 2030.

The government distinguishes that successful, healthy and sustainable societies are well served by a full range of community facilities that are suitable to residents’ needs and which are easily reached to all. The standards set out how this will be achieved.

Any new expansion of no less than 2,000 permanent occupants will be supposed to abide by the CFPS. The standards would be utilized on a case-by-case basis to existing communities as and when they are undertaking renewal work.

Under the rules, the terms of amenities such as police, schools and petrol stations will be estimated according to the demographic breakdown of the specific expansion plan.

The new standards were drawn up following a thorough consultation procedure. The UPC assessed 11,000 families across the Emirate to inquire them about their use of community services and what particular facilities they would like to see in their areas.

Mohamed Dekkak