New motorways in the heart of Morocco to open next year

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The El Jadida-Safi highway which has been under construction since April 2013 is now nearing its completion and expected to be ready by the year 2015.

New motorways in the heart of Morocco to open next year

New motorways in the heart of Morocco to open next year

The construction was launched by King Mohammed VI fueling the drive to the strategy of supporting the development of Doukkala-Abda found in the center of the Kingdom. With A total investment of 4.8 billion DH outlaid, the 143 kilometer highway, will certainly play a part to the enrichment of mining, agricultural, industrial and tourism potential in the region.

The project was designed to provide good coverage for the current industrial and tourist sites like the Port Jorf Lasfar and Oualidia Lagoon, including the 22 million cubic meter of land and the construction of three viaducts. The highway will have a closed toll system, with a full lane toll gate at the end of the highway, and six toll stations at each exchanger, two couples of service areas and a Secure parking available for trucks.

The El Jadida-Safi highway was divided into four motorway lots. The first is the El Jadida-Jorf Lasfar highway,the  Jorf Lasfar-Sidi Smail, Sidi Smail-Oualidia and lastly Oualidia-Safi. The construction of the first lot, having a length of 20.6 km and budgeted with approximately 668 million DH was offered to a Moroccan company, begins from the current highway at the town of El Jadida. The road passes through several municipalities, including Haouzia and Moulay Abdellah.

The second highway, Jorf Lasfar Sidi Smail, is measured 39.4 km long and its execution was handed over to another Moroccan company for an amount of approximately 974 million DH. The road crosses multiple community in Zaouiat Saiss,  Hcine Ouled Sidi and Abed Sidi Smail.

The third 38.6 km lot, Sidi Smail-Oualidia was entrusted to a Turkish company for an amount of around 973 million DH. It will be constructed and will also serve several municipalities.

Lastly, the 43.5 km Oualidia Safi, was also awarded a Turkish company for an amount of about 1.128 million DH. It crosses the community of Dar Si Aissa, Moul El Bergui and Saadla.

Mohamed Dekkak