New Major Hydraulic Plant Project in Morocco, Approved

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Last Thursday, the public funding delegation contract for the project and the water supplyNew Major Hydraulic Plant Project in Morocco, Approved agreement was officially signed in Rabat for a new major hydraulic plant project in the region of Doukkala- Abda, Morocco.

The launching of this project falls under 3 objectives. Aside to support the agriculture sector which is a priority in Morocco, the project will be good water governance in establishing better management of water resources in the country. Lastly, the new project is also a great development to rehabilitate an endangered water shortage area.

The Doukkala-Abda project is based on a new surface water supply 15 million cubic meters per year from the Oued Oum Errabiaa, which will result in saving irrigation areas operated by more than 600 farmers.

With an investment amounting 366 million dirhams, the project is part of a partnership that allocates the private contribution to the financing, design, construction and management of irrigation infrastructure for 30 years.

And because the water rate that will be charged will necessarily take account of the ability of farmers, the state has taken on to finance infrastructure up to 88%, or 321 million dirhams.

In environmental terms, it indicates that the project will contribute substantially to limit the overuse of groundwater and slow “progress bevel salt.” The importance of the new project also stems from its social consequences and the fact that the region Doukkala-Abda is an agricultural region of prime importance.