New Luxury Islands to be featured close to Burj Al Arab

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New Luxury Islands to be featured close to Burj Al Arab

New Luxury Islands to be featured close to Burj Al Arab

The megaproject that includes shops, theaters, hotels, marina, lavish villas, commercial areas is intended to support Expo2020 and to boost Dubai’s tourism industry.

Groundbreaking is scheduled in May and is anticipated to be finished by the later part of 2020.

Expanding over 4 million sq. ft. of land, Marsa Al Arab’s 2 islands will be built on both sides of the Burj Al Arab Jumeirah.

These two islands, one being marketed as a family friendly travel spot and the other that will incorporate luxurious villas and a private marina are both designed on more than 2 kilometer stretch of beach.

To support the country’s Emiratisation efforts and to solidify its locals’ capabilities, Marsa Al Arab will provide new employment opportunities in the tourism industry according to Dai Holding’s chairman, Abdulla Al Habbai.

A holiday favorite, the Wild Wadi Waterpark is set to be transferred close enough to the beach so it can encourage more visitors to the new resort that is set to be operated under Jumeirah Group. Transferring the waterpark means covering an area of about 2.5 sq. ft., increasing the space where it can open up more rides.

A Marine Park will feature educational and entertainment center on marine life will also be developed by Dubai Holding. This will highlight a theater that can hold a thousand visitors where they can interact with many kinds of marine animals.

World-renowned Cirque du Soleil will find a new home through Marsa Al Arab’s 1700 capacity theater.

Cirque du Soleil head executive states that it looks forward to raising the bar for this new facility featuring new shows to cater Dubai audience.

The attraction will also highlight Dubai Pearl Museum to display unique and antique pearls from around the world, aside from presenting the stories of UAE’s pearl divers. This display center will also cater an operational pearl farm, as well as a pearl inspired boutique hotel.

To be able to invite global companies to establish their presence at the new attraction, Marsa Al Arab will include as well serviced retail space near a mixed-use convention center and a hotel.

The latest commercial area at Marsa Al Arab will encompass 20,000 square meters, in exchange for the present area of Wild Wadi Waterpark.

Around three hundred seafront apartment residences are incorporated into the plan.

Another island situated on the left side of Burj Al Arab Jumeirah is set to hold 140 plush villas to be managed by Jumeirah Group as well as a private marina for its residents.

The hotels of Marsa Al Arab are anticipated to add up 2400 hotel rooms to the portfolio of Jumeirah Group producing about 8428 rooms overall. Four hundred FnB outlets will be built within the destination.


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