New Housing Program launched in Morocco

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Morocco’ new housing program, the middle class housing plan give hundreds ofNew Housing Program launched in Morocco thousands of Moroccan families’ access to decent housing at unbeatable prices.

The announcement of the project was headed by Morocco’s Housing Minister last month. In 2016, around 20,000 houses will be constructed and the administration is already scouting at hectares of available expansive lots.

One developer has announced that about 3,680 houses will be built this year while over a dozen other agreements are also in positioned.

Morocco’s middle class, who makes up over half of the country’s inhabitants, has struggled from a shortage of inexpensive housing for years, a Casablanca property advisor noted.

Today’s property prices have put housing more or less far of people’s reach, remarked Karima Attamri, an accountant for a freight forwarding firm.

In the 2014 Finance Act, the cost for middle class housing was seen at 7,200MAD per square metre for spaces that range from 80sqm and 150sqm.

Small and medium-sized cities acquired the first development projects. The new houses in Agadir, El Jadida, Safi, Benslimane, Oujda, Fez and Kenitra are anticipated to be available next year.