New Dubai Safari Park in conclusive stages before opening in 2017

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New Dubai Safari Park in conclusive stages before opening in 2017

New Dubai Safari Park in conclusive stages before opening in 2017

Dubai Safari Park will open its doors during the early months of 2017, letting the general public to appreciate a display that has been over 10 years to be finished.

Final arrangements are under way and the park center, which is close to Dragonmart, has quarantined its first creatures for tests to guarantee they are healthy and were not taken from wilderness.

Creatures on location at the 119-hectare initial phase of the safari park include elephants, lions, antelopes, and animals from Australasia.

Stage two will include animals from the Americas.

The park will likewise be home to save animals that can’t be given back to wild.

Tim Husband, the technical director of the safari park, said that two of his main concern will be education and animal welfare.

“It will be a gem in the Dubai crown and it will present to the world that there are individuals here who think about wildlife,” said Mr. Husband. “You won’t have the time to see everything in one day.”

By 2020, the park will have a hotel complex.

“On an unpleasant day, we would expect no less than 7,000 visitors,” said Mr. Husband, including that the park will cultivate ties with schools.

“Our era has destroyed the Earth, yet it’s the children who will make future decisions. On the off chance that you can get one child enthusiastic about wildlife and settling on the right choices, that’s great,” he said.

The Safari park replaces the present Dubai Zoo. It will have a breeding program at the conservation center that seeks to free animals into the wild every year such as the caracal, mountain goat, the Arabian tahr, oryx and gazelles.

Since 1983, Dr. Reza Khan has been working with the country’s wild life. He said that UAE needs schools and colleges to come to the park and utilize their laboratories and facilities. They have all the experts there.

UAE University veterinary head, Dr. Sameeh Abu Tarbash, said collaborating with the park and its specialists could be of incredible advantage to students. “For whatever length of time that they have facilities that are conducive for learning, it’s a good idea,” he said. “We offer courses that cover wildlife and zoo animals, so it is great to have additional facilities for practical training.”

UAE University has connections with Al Ain Zoo, and Dr. Tarbash stated access to more skill and species must be helpful.

It’s great to have varied areas and for students to have more exposures to these environments.

The rescue center will house South Korea’s moon bears, which are farmed for medication and their paws. Paw soup is a delicacy. Numerous bear farms are being shut for welfare reasons, and Mr. Husband has taken on 4 cubs, which the plans to raise together.

“On the off chance that you should have a white tiger in the park then you should utilize it to educate about the situation of the tiger and not simply utilize it as a crowd getter,” stated Mr. Husband.


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