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New developments on Heart of Europe project

New developments on Heart of Europe project

Preparations to build up a cluster of islets at The World islands in coastline of Dubai progressed after Kleindienst Group, project developer, selected prime contractors to construct the Heart of Europe venture.

A partnership among JK Bauen & Wuchang Ship Building Industry Group with Sino Great Wall International Engineering will complete the projects worth 4.8 billion dirham to create amenities on the 6 islands comprising the Heart of Europe.

Construction co. JK Bauen is owned by Mr. Kleindienst. It has been doing work at The Heart of Europe on its Sweden Island since the project resumed 2 years ago, and will be in charge of preparing the framework and logistics of the island.

The two companies will be in charge of the construction of vast majority of the structures, including the anticipated fourteen hotel resorts and two thousand villas.

The owner stated that the signed contract between contractors has paved a way for a quick work start on the Main Europe Island which houses majority of the luxury accommodation, the German isl. & St. Petersburg Isl., with a scenic panorama to the whole venture finishing up before the much anticipated Dubai Expo 2020.

According to reports, there has been long meeting with construction giants of the industry.

The agreement with Wuchang, which is the major partner, implied that it could continue with only one jv partner, which he clarified was excellent than to have 5 companies working on small site.

The two Chinese companies are both “giant players” in China who have cooperated on more than a hundred luxury hotel ventures. Mr. Kleindienst visited the company’s operations and was impressed.

The World is a cluster of three hundred man made islands built from reclaimed sand approximately four kilometers off Dubai coast. The islands were developed and marketed by Nakheel & sold to invetors before the worldwide finance crisi, however just two have been constructed on, and one of these is a private island.

Huge numbers of those that purchased islands had made complaints about having no access. Various debates emerged amongst Nakheel and sub-developers were reported at the Dubai World Tribunal, however in May 2013 Nakheel and Kleindienst declared that they had settled their case, with Kleindienst consenting to pay 622 million dirham it owed to Nakheel owned organization The World so it could move on with the project.

In 2007, Mr. Kleindienst’s company had invested into the venture and said that their development has been “a ceaseless chain of settling issues”.

In the beginning, it has not been approved by Dubai Civil Defense to have workers on the grounds because there wasn’t a mean for the government agency to respond in case of emergency. It was settled by the owner by getting their own emergency response force.

News has it that the very first building with Bentley home interiors may be finished one month from now, but will only be utilized as a model unit the end of the month in 2017 when it will be renovated and transferred. The main hotel, Honeymoon Isl., is likewise scheduled for completion one year from now, with the rest of the inns and estates being delivered any time from 2018 to 2020.


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