New Clubhouse for Fujairah’s king of games, Chess

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New Clubhouse for Fujairah’s king of games, Chess

New Clubhouse for Fujairah’s king of games, Chess

The world’s famous strategy game is getting an immense popularity on the east shoreline of the UAE, to such an extent that the Fujairah Ruler is interested.

To date, 45 Emirati kids are being trained how to play chess to an expert level at the Fujairah Chess and Culture Club, and latest victories there have gotten the attention of Sheik Hamad bin Mohammed Al Sharqi.

The Ruler of Fujairah has asked for that the emirate gov’t. construct a clubhouse that can suit 400 players. The move is in the early stages, with no area or fruition date set.

The present club located in Merashid, opened in 1993 however it is just in the most recent two years that there has been a developed interest.

“We have taken an interest in heaps of local contests and won numerous prizes at the same time, however in the previous 2 years, we began to participate in national and global competitions, got numerous honors and won the support of the Ruler of Fujairah,” said club president  Abdullah Aal Barakat.

A year ago, Fujairah Chess and Culture Club partook in the schools world championship held in Thailand and won first among Arab players, and in addition scooping a few wins at the Arab championships in the Kingdom of Morocco.

This year, the club won the President Cup competition in the category of under-14 held in Abu Dhabi. Players additionally showed up at a competition in France and won medal winning performances in Tunisia.

Since 1986, Mr. Aal Barakat has been playing chess and his objective is to spread awareness of the chess game and urge kids to learn it to enhance their thinking, decision making and strategic abilities.

“It is an essential mind sport that enhances the young one’s skills and increase their self-regard, be more confident and practices discipline,” he said.

The club has two practice lobbies that can hold up to 45 players and three mentors. Around 70 young players from over the east coast have decided to join this year however not everyone can be accepted due to space limitations.

“We can’t accommodate more than 45 students yet we will have more space in the new building, which will cater to around 400 players,” said the club’s executive director Mohammed Al Hallak.


The new 2 storey building will have four train halls, one primary lobby to host contests and a visitor room, in addition to a cafeteria and library.

Soon the building will have the capacity to accommodate both Emiratis and expats of both genders, for the time being, only Emirati boys can be accommodated.

“We accommodate just young ones under age 10 and we have players somewhere between around 6 and 18. The younger they are, the better they can learn and comprehend the game and get to be professional.”

11-year-old Emirati, Mohammed Al Elely, who won first in the junior Emirates Chess Championship, said that chess is a king’s game and that it is his top favourite.

He said he joined the club when he was 8 years of age and got to be one of his most loved games that helped him be more focused in his everyday life and have more tolerance.

A man gets to be more intelligent and a quick learner, while taking an interest in contests made one feel more confident and showed me how to assume responsibility.

Mohammed’s dad said that chess has enhanced his child’s scholastic performance and focus.

“We are proud of him and his accomplishments. Chess has made him get to be good in everything and turned into the first in his class,” said Saeed Al Elely.

Another father said that he enrolled his 4 children at the club and it has made more peaceful. He said that when you have 4 kids who are so near each other in age they battle and play unpleasant, yet after they began taking courses at the club, they got to be quiet and calm and began to accomplish well at school.


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