New Al Ain project divulged by Abu Dhabi UPC

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The master plan for a recent residential area with 306 modern plans for UAE nationals in Al Ain has been concluded, according to the Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council (UPC).

New Al Ain project divulged by Abu Dhabi UPC

New Al Ain project divulged by Abu Dhabi UPC

The Al Saad development is situated between two current residential districts of Ramlat Al Saad, developing one ample sustainable community, proposing a broad range of facilities and amenities as well as a community centre, mosques, shops, parks, schools and a clinic.

The recent expansion will boost the present population of 2,200 residents by more or less 3,130 residents following its finishing point.

The Al Saad Master Plan has been expanded by the UPC in discussion with the Abu Dhabi Housing Authority (ADHA) and Al Ain City Municipality. The project is corresponding with the main codes of Plan Al Ain 2030, the tactical structure plan that runs through the substantial expansion of around 13,100 sqkm region.

In the course of the widespread study and discussion with stakeholders, the master plan has been planned to guarantee the progress of a comprehensive community that is secure walkable, appealing, eye-catching and sustainable. Community facilities will comprise of three retail shops, two schools, a community centre, a clinic, mosques, and 14 parks mixed together all over the community.

The stipulation of premium housing for UAE Nationals is a main concern for Leadership. Making communities fortify its social bonds and supports to conserve and sustain its culture and traditions. Thus, housing is a focal point factor of Vision 2030 and for this reason, central to the proposals they have made at the UPC.

UPC officials averred that when they planned, they are very meticulous to scrutinize the present landscape of the individual region to attempt and make sure that any environmental and ecological possessions are conserved and secured.

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