Near completion: Ten Largest Projects in Abu Dhabi

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Near completion: Ten Largest Projects in Abu Dhabi

Near completion: Ten Largest Projects in Abu Dhabi

Giving you a glimpse of ten biggest construction projects soon to rise in Abu Dhabi. Worth 134 billion dirhams when combined, these mega-projects will soon be finished by 2020 according to the government.


The Louvre Abu Dhabi

Valued at 15.35 billion dirhams, this Jean Nouvel designed structure is a much anticipated mega structure that will include a children’s museum with a 280 seats theater.


Barakah Nuclear Power Plant

United Arab Emirates first nuclear power plant that can provide twenty five percent of the country’s electricity needs starting May 2020 according to Emirates Nuclear Energy Corp. This billion-dirham project has 4 reactors that will produce 5600 combined megawatts.


Sewage Tunnel

Stretching at 41 kilometers, it’s one of the world’s longest sewage tunnel according to the city’s planning officials. Adding 43 kilometers more of linking tunnels, this 5.5 billion dirhams project is set to be done by this year.


E11 Highway

The newly renovated highway road will connect Abu Dhabi to the Saudi border via industry center of Ruwais, the location of the country’s first nuclear power plant. This 5.5 billion dirhams project involves fifteen flyovers.


Zayed City infrastructure

According to the government, the power & water infrastructures, lighting, sewerage as well as road network for the latest district in Abu Dhabi, Zayed city, is almost twenty percent done. This 3.3 billion dirhams project is anticipated to be completed by January of 2020.


Midfield Terminal

The newest terminal of Abu Dhabi valued to be around 12.85 billion dirhams will feature 49 gates and shall double the passenger capacity of the airport to thirty million annually. Constructed to 6 floor levels, the project will incorporate a hotel, dining venues and shops once it’s completed in first month of 2019.


Jebel Hafeet Housing Development

With close proximity to Al Ain, this project valued to be 5.5 billion dirhams will feature houses for three thousand people and will include a school, healthcare as well as other facilities. It is set for completion by last quarter of 2017.


Al Ain New Hospital

Valued to be 4.4 billion dirhams, the new Al Ain Hospital will feature 719 bed capacity once finished by December next year.


Ain Al Faida Residential Development

Also located in Al Ain, this 4.18 billion dirham residential community is project by the government and will include houses for two thousand people that is set to be finished by end of July this year.


Sheikh Shakhbout Medical City

This 4 billion dirham health facility will be Abu Dhabi’s first hospital to carry out advanced burn treatment and will have the capacity of 739 beds once it open by end of January.


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