The National Railways’ 2014 investment amounts to 7.5 billion dirhams

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The industry analysis of the National Railways (ONCF) has shown a significant increase in its financial collection in 2013.oncf - mark

According to the CEO of ONCF, Rabat’s total turnover went beyond the target amount stated in the contract program (CP) for the year 2011-2015. This was supported by a report showing that it reached 3.8 billion dirhams. It went up by 3% from 2012 and was 6% higher compared to the target amount of 3 5 billion dirhams set by the Contract-Programme 2011-2015.

The good financial performance was the result of the upward trend in the activities of the institution and rail travelers which has the same movement over recent years.

Over 38.1 million travelers have taken the train. This is 6% higher compared to 2012.

A growth went up up to 58% equivalent to nearly 460 million dirhams with a total cash flow of around 1.3 billion dirhams, compared to the target PC. The overall volume of business generated revenues of 4.5 billion dirhams, an increase of 4.7% compared to 2012.

Meanwhile, despite a slight growth of 2%, freight and logistics business generated sales of 2.1 billion dirhams in 2013.

Because of the achievements at the end of 2013, ONCF declared an investment program of 7.5 billion dirhams for year 2014. The previous year’s investments were allocated for the projects for the further reconstruction and amplification of the accessible network.

It is also used to finish the partial doubling of the track on the Settat-Marrakesh , the program of modernization and construction of railway stations in Oujda, Benguerir, Souk El Arbaa Mechraa Belksiri and Casa-Port,  the upgrade on the line of Oriental’s 1st Phase in Fès-Taza, and the upgrade of the axis in Sidi Kacem, Tanger.

Mohamed Dekkak