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The construction of Nador West Med port is still under study according to the owners of the project.Nador West Med project still on study

The holders proposed to start with a good basis before they commence the construction of the new port and industrial complex, which is analogous to the Tanger Med project.

The company in charge for this major infrastructure project is about to ask for tender on the realization of the project’s socio-economic study.

This future port’s assessment of benefits and profitability is taken into consideration. The awarded company will formulate a report regarding the project’s economic and financial feasibility and reviewing the current situation in the area of influence of Nador West Med project. The assessment, identification, and estimation of its short, medium and long term effects, directly and indirectly. It is basically the economic and social impacts of the project as a whole, but also according to its different components.

The effects may be something in relation to its territorial equity, as well as the impact on land use and local economic development and the project’s involvement to a better balancing of the spatial development of the country together with social development.

The owners stated that the study should present clear and credible indicators of achievements and benefits, both qualitative and quantitative like improving accessibility, job creation or asset generation.

Through this project, Morocco could fortify its standing in the Western Mediterranean and capitalize on its location around a large deep-water. It is said that the port will accommodate huge capacity of processing of bulk products such as coal, shipment containers, and the development of an energy center


Mohamed Dekkak


The industrial platform will be incorporated and opened to local and foreign investors. This industrial platform is designed to shelter the global businesses in Morocco.