Nador West Med Port presentation to dealers scheduled before the end 2014

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The road show presentation of Nador West Med project for potential concessionaires will be organized by the Ministry of Infrastructure, Transport and Logistics before the end of this year.  The awarding of the construction of the future port should be performed once the technical studies, socio-economic and financial are completed.

Nador West Med Port presentation to dealers scheduled before the end 2014

Nador West Med Port presentation to dealers scheduled before the end 2014

In March, the Department of Public Works launched the study of the market storage and oil burst products in the Mediterranean region, which will be a part of future platform of the port. The study should also identify the future traffic of transit in the port complex. In effect, the benefits of the tender should be carried out through two missions. The first is a market analysis about refining, storage and burst hydrocarbons produced in the Mediterranean. It focuses on the analysis of the international system of refining and storage and identification of market participants. The second mission, meanwhile, should evaluate the potential of Nador West Med project to attract refining, storage and burst petroleum products. The objective is to identify and analyze the requirements of future demand levels and offers of competing ports.

The socioeconomic study in progress aims to evaluate the benefits of this future port for the community and its profitability. It describes the current situation in the zone of influence of Nador West Med project, studying its economic and financial feasibility, and identifies, assesses and measures the direct and indirect short, medium and long term effects. The study should recognize the effects of study which concerns the territorial equity, the impact on land use, local economic development and the project’s contribution to a better balancing of spatial development of the country and social development.

The study should provide clear indicators of achievement and impact, both qualitative, such as improved accessibility, and quantitative for job creation or investment generation.  The port should allow Morocco to strengthen its position in the western Mediterranean and to take advantage of its strategic location. The resort project will focus around a large deep-water port and an industrial platform. The port will have significant capacity for container handling, the development of an energy center, and processing of bulk materials, including coal.

Regarding the industrial platform, it will be integrated and opened to investors. It should be carried out in part on a free zone of 1500 ha and partly on an adjacent development zone nearly 2,500 ha. This industrial platform is designed especially to house the global businesses of Morocco.  The future complex port will be constructed phases, the first of which should be commissioned in 2019.  the first phase includes three oil stations with a capacity of 25 million tons of oil (with possibility of adding a fourth station), a container terminal to 1,500 mLcapacity, 3,000,000 TEUs (twenty-foot equivalent) and a 320 meter coal station that can handle up to 7 million tons of coal.

Mohamed Dekkak