Mushrif Central Park reveals its new face

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After one and a half month of infrastructure upgrades, Mushrif Central Park, reopened its doors to the residents.

Mushrif Central Park reveals its new face

Mushrif Central Park reveals its new face

The park is one of Abu Dhabi’s oldest and largest green urban areas which opened for women and children only in 1982.

Visitors are now encouraged to explore the park’s latest offerings such as prayer rooms and cafes. Other admired features is the memorial Wisdom Garden honoring the legacy of Sheikh Zayed  with English translations of the imprinted quotations from the Founding President; a botanical garden with indigenous plants, and an animal shelter managed by Emirates Park Zoo.

Furthermore, additional power cabling to assist events, landscaping improvements and maintenance, and additional signage outlining park rules are also provided. Small reformations were also made to indoor areas.

It is said that further announcements will be released about the entertainment schedule and the reopening of the Ripe Food & Craft Market which attracts over 50 craft and 25 food sellers to the park. The construction of the food and beverage selections will also soon be expanded.

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