Municipality impose sustainable public lighting initiative

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Abu Dhabi Municipality envisions lessening the cost of public lighting by 60 to 75 per cent for the next 20 years in a bid by launching a sustainable initiative.

Municipality impose sustainable public lighting initiative

Municipality impose sustainable public lighting initiative

The strategy is to use new eco-friendly LED lights in order to mitigate carbon dioxide emissions by around 75 per cent and minimize the call for repairs by about 40 to 80 per cent in the future. The project seeks to diminish light pollution rates by 60 per cent, improve and develop a lighting network to support Abu Dhabi reach a ranking among the world’s top sophisticated cities.

Under the sustainable lighting strategy, LED lighting system has been installed on Shaikh Zayed Street. A research had been initiated to assess and evaluate LED lighting solutions with conventional lighting systems which proved that LED lighting systems can do annual saving of 85 per cent per year and lessen the number of lighting in the same street from 1,000 to 660 LED-powered lamps.

The sustainable lighting projects done by the municipality covers the installation of LED lighting system in East Sector 48 and West Zone 33 and in the West Sector, Zone 33. The Total Power Consumption lowered to 180 watts compared from previous consumption of 477 watts, while in major roads the consumption became 440 watts from 1,160 watts.

The municipality has completed the replacing of traditional lighting with LED-powered decorative lighting on Sheikh Zayed Bridge including beneath bridges in Abu Dhabi city such as in Al Muroor Bridge, Al Jawazat Bridge, and Al Saada Bridge.

The municipality verified that the total growth from implementing the sustainable lighting strategy in all these projects had created savings of as much as Dh3,28 million.

Mohamed Dekkak