Multinational Artists To Display Masterpiece at Dubai Exhibition

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World Art Dubai 2016 is organizing to exhibit an indulgence of multinational artists to present their individual work and to associate them with art enthusiasts from all categories of social and cultural settings. The exhibition will run from 6-9 April at the Dubai World Trade Centre.

Multinational Artists To Display Masterpiece at Dubai Exhibition

Multinational Artists To Display Masterpiece at Dubai Exhibition

This will bring in artists from all walks of existence each with their own distinctive story and approach to contemporary art, as part of the exhibition’s responsibility to supporting newly and evolving artists including those more recognized in the market.

The Middle East is amongst the extremely vibrant regions for the sale of modern art with the UAE ranking among the top 50 fairs and producing yearly profits more than $3.5 million.

World Art Dubai subsists to its label by giving a mixture of worldwide artists, emiratis and those from around the Middle East, the chance to impart their masterpiece to the cosmopolitan people in Dubai.

On the other hand, masterpiece will be available during the exhibition and will range from $100 to $10,000.

World Art Dubai is an exhibition that persuades, influences and proposes an extensive break to local and international artists to share their culture, art and involvement with numerous viewers.

The spotlight is not just on specific galleries but about determining latest and concealed skills as it grants the individual artists to join and display their works to interested individuals.

World Art Dubai is not just marketing or promoting art for an assumed capital gain. It’s about motivating and encouraging emerging and established artists and handing them a chance to exhibit their masterpiece to the public.

The fair will highlight beyond 140 well-known local, regional and international galleries and artists and will be exhibited. It has also associated with the extensively-celebrated International Emerging Artist Award turning to be its authorized Award Partner.

This award fortifies World Art Dubai’s allegiance to developing artists by giving them with support and career openings. This year’s award winner will be divulged on the event’s opening day.

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