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Multimedia Event And Show

UAE is a popular host to many international events and shows due to its convenient location, from exhibitions, forums and conferences to major concerts, shows and other international events. UAE also stage some of the most popular festivities and events like the annual Music Festival and the F1 Race and Concert shows as part of promoting tourism in the country. Dubai and Abu Dhabi, which is among the safest cities in the world, is also the preferred venue for international artist for concert and performances.
To cater to these activities, ADGECO Group partners with a company that provides necessary equipments for multimedia events and shows. We provide design and equipments in audio, visuals, and lighting systems.
We offer solutions for technical and specific needs in professional audio systems from theatrical field to television field. Our team is expert in the usage of radio and microphone systems or complex ear monitors. We have fully digital control rooms and the line Array speaker systems, JBL, EAW-Meyer sound, combined with digital technologies like Yamaha PM1D mixer.
The team also provides planning and design of lighting systems as well as rental of any lighting technology. Our clients have the option to use our incandescent or motorized HMI projectors, computerized systems of synchronized multi-vision catalyst, structures for stage, platform layer and other appropriate technologies that could give efficient response to the needs of the clients.
The team use high quality and creative LED screens and LED technology for use in events, television transmissions, conventions, exhibitions or road shows. They could also use high luminosity projectors, plasma monitors and LCD walls integrated with control rooms to manage multimedia projections.
A group professional technical staff handling the audio-visual, they could design and construct create visual sets and virtual systems. They take into account the requirements of the client and match it with the available technology. They are capable of producing unique ensemble that involves the synergy of Visual Design. Set Design, Light Design, Graphics and Videography, Architectural Video Projections, Interactive Installations and Performances, VJset, Film and Broadcasting to the satisfaction of the clients.


  • Use of systems radio microphones and ear monitors
  • Royal fully digital audio broadcasting systems and line arrays, JBL, EAW – Meyer Sound, combined with technologies like digital mixer Yamaha PM1D


  • Can provide 300,000 kilowatts of light between HMI projectors, incandescent and motorized, computerized multi-vision synchronized catalysis, structure of boxes, pallets layer

LED Screens

  • LED Screens and creative vision to be use in events, TV shows, conventions, trade shows and road show


  • Provides solutions, integrating design skills with the availability of the technology market for projectors, high brightness of plasma monitors, LCD wall of the royal and television for the management of multimedia projections


  • visual design, set design, light design, graphics and videographics, videoprojections architectural, interactive installation and performance, viset, film and broadcasting have been integrated in the consciousness that the synergy produces a special se whose strength makes the creative production result than the sum of specific skills