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CPS 2000 Power Supple Sound Craft
CPS 2000 Power Supple Sound CraftThe CPS 2000 is a linear power supply that is giving out DC voltages by correcting, leveling and regulating AC voltages from the secondary windings of a main transformer. These mixing consoles utilize number of dc voltage supply levels in their operation and these are all provided at the output of each supply unit.


MH 4 48CH MIXING CONSOLE SOUNDCRAFTMH4 console is the updated mono and stereo input modules. The new modules develop the application of the Aux busses by adding true mono/stereo switching to take maximum advantage of the console’s 16 busses in Monitor mode, giving an arrangement of 16 monos, 12 monos/2 stereo or 8 monos/4 stereo mixes. The MH4 has become broadly accepted because of its ability to handle the most demanding live sound integration, and is capable of use on monitors, FOH or blending of both. This mixing console switching makes the monitor-mode even more flexible when large numbers of mono mixes are required.


Midas Verona 560 56 Channel Mixing Console
Midas Verona 560 56 Channel Mixing ConsoleThe Midas Verona is a large-format sound reinforcement console aimed squarely at the professional concert-sound market. The Verona maintains the value and highlights of Midas, resulting in very calm performance, with blendy signal navigation and an overall perfect sound quality. The console is an 8-bus unit with a selection of chassis configurations. This console has 56 input channels with balanced XLR microphone preamplifiers and 1/4″ phone line inputs. The Verona is sure to be all any professional mixing engineer will need for large-scale presentations, theater sound, corporate events, concert sound and a lot more.


Midas EPS 1200 Power Supply Unit
Midas EPS 1200 Power Supply UnitThe Midas EPS1200 Backup Power Supply is a stand-arranged unit designed to provide backup power to the Venice 240 and 320 sound reinforcement consoles.
This power supply is an excellent backup supply for internal power supplies. This power supply works ideally and is a better replacement for a dead or ailing PSU.


EAW Stage Monitor 500
EAW Stage Monitor 500A 2-way full range system in a vented stage monitors enclosure. Includes a 15 in woofer and a 2 in exit compression driver on a 60 x 45 constant directivity horn. Powering mode is switchable: passive (LF/HF crossover) or biamplified.
High output, 2-way stage-monitor system
15 in LF driver for a fatter LF sound
Horn-loaded 2 in exit HF
60°H x45°V HF dispersion
Switchable powering: full range passive or passive MF/HF
Angles up 40°


Crown Macro Tech 2400 Power Amplifier
Macro Tech amplifiers utilize numerous Crown innovations including grounded bridge and ODEP technologies. Cooling techniques make use of what essentially an air conditioner technology is.
Patented ODEP (Output Device Emulation Protection) circuitry compensates for overheating and overload
IOC (Input/output Comparator) circuitry immediately indicates any distortion exceeding 0.05% giving dynamic proof of performance
Two mono modes (Bridge-Mono and Parallel-Mono) for driving a wide range of load impedances and cable lengths
It has complete protection against open circuits, shorted outputs, general overheating, high frequency overloads and mismatched loads.


EAW MX200i Electronic Processor
The MX200i is a two channel, two-way electronic crossover designed for use in both fixed installations and touring sound reinforcement. As Closely Coupled Electronic Processor, it is factory configured for use with specific EAW loudspeaker systems. This removes the burden of “setting up” from the end user and ensures optimum system performance under all conditions. The MX200i is packed in, strong and very consistent.


EAW KF730 Loudspeaker
EAW KF730 LoudspeakerThe KF730 Series is a compact line array system that sets a performance benchmark above parallel usage. It also transports in a 3-way procedure. KF Series performance is flexible, and is user friendly system that can deliver concert-level outcome in an outstanding wide range of setting. The KF730 is an exceptional compressed line array solution for applications such as theatres, corporate A/ V, hotel ballrooms, concert halls and houses of worship. This is also ideal for sextra coverage for larger line arrangement, such as the KF760 Series. Such uses include stage/performer, stage lip fill; delayed arrays for balconies and coverage audience side fill.


EAW SB 730 Subwoofer System
EAW SB 730 Subwoofer SystemCompact partner subwoofer to KF730 lengthens reaction to 35 Hz; Baffle design and advanced LF transducers maximize LF “punch”; Enclosure size and rigging compatible with KF730 for suspension and ground stacking; Unique enclosure shape provides stiffer rear panel while reducing weight; T-shaped rear provides stable footprint for ground stacking an arc of KF730s


FLY BAR KF730The KF730 SLAM (Small Line Array Module) packs a horn-loaded, six-driver KF Series design into a vastly compact enclosure. The full-sized mid/high horn fills the entire face of the enclosure, ensuring broadband 110° horizontal pattern control. The unique Phase Aligned LF design expands horizontal pattern control into the LF and a bi-amplified powering configuration (passive mid/high) reduces total difficulty and system cost a. The wire system allows box-to-box angles of 12°, 6°, 3°, and 1.5°, but always keeps module faces contiguous.
– 3-way full range
– 2 x 10 in woofers, Phase Aligned
– 2 x 7 in cone, horn-loaded
– 2 x 1 in horn-loaded, compression driver
– Portable & Installation


CROWN MACRO-TECH 5002VZ Power Amplifier
CROWN MACRO-TECH 5002VZ Power AmplifierIt is the most advanced amplifier. The new semiconductor technology is combined with superior VZ power supplies to enable the Macro-Tech 5002VZ to pack unprecedented power levels into 5 ¼ inches (13.3cm) of vertical rack space. It also features enhanced PIP2 compatibility for access to custom input modules and because it’s a Macro-Tech, you have the added benefit of ODEP protection to keep the show going long after other amplifiers would fail.


EAW KF650 Loudspeaker
EAW KF650 LoudspeakerThe kf650z virtual array loudspeaker offers 60-degree 3-way design, horizontal diffusion, promoting a very high vocal reproduction quality. EAW KF650 has a horn-loaded woofer and cone-driven midrange horn enlarged outline control into the lower octaves. The trapezoidal inclusion is open and power mode is switchable between biamp and triamp.



EAW SB 600 Subwoofer System
EAW SB 600 Subwoofer SystemThe SB600zF is a high output, mid-size subwoofer system. This all- purpose and flexible subwoofer is designed for portable use where the solid-sounding output of dual 15 inch drivers is desired. The SB600zF is engineered to complement the KF600zSeries in stacked displays, but it also works well with any high-impact loudspeaker. Its applications include:
dance clubs, large auditoriums/theaters,
Band/club PA, drum-fill monitoring. Stage/performer monitoring and large houses of worship. It is designed to be used with today’s sophisticated digital signal processing to optimize the LF reaction. EAW’s MX Series processors are well suggested for the required sound intersection and equalization.


EAW SB 850 Subwoofer System
EAW SB 850 Subwoofer SystemThis is a dedicated subwoofer system with 2x 18-in transducers in a trapezoidal enclosure. “F” flown array version features handles, fly tracks and internal counterweights. The SB850 high output Stadium Array subwoofer integrates with KF Series Stadium Array systems to form extended range flown arrays. 19-position fly tracks and internal counterweights ensure a “dead hang.” Tuned enclosure venting extends LF response and minimizes force damages. MX Series processors extend LF response and preserve against funnel outing damage.


MX800i Electronic Processor Eaw
MX800i Electronic Processor EawThe MX800i CCEP is a two channels, four-way electronic cross over designed for use in both fixed installations and touring sound systems. This removes the burden of “setting up” from the end user and ensures optimum system performance under all conditions. It is well packed, strong and dependable, yet simple to service should the need arise.


CROWN MACRO-TECH 3600VZ Power Amplifier
CROWN MACRO-TECH 3600VZ Power Amplifier• Patented ODEP (Output Device Emulation Protection) circuitry compensates for overheating and overload to keep the speaker working when others would crush.
• IOC (Input/Output Comparator) circuitry Immediately alerts of any distortion exceeding 0.05%, providing dynamic proof of distortion-free performance.
• Clear VZ power supplies for each channel provide excellent mixture quality and the best power matching to your load.


EAW KF 300 Loudspeakers
EAW KF 300 LoudspeakersThe KF300z Virtual Array loudspeaker offers 90-degree horizontal dispersion and is one of the smallest 3-way loudspeakers on hand. The midrange section includes a 7-in Radial Phase Plug based on EAW’s patented 10-in Radial Phase Plug used in other KF Series products. Exterior is improved with a curved frame matching other KF300z and companion KF600z models. Compact systems for flat display. Both functional useful in stable fitting and mobile production.
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EAW SB 330 Subwoofer System
EAW SB 330 Subwoofer SystemThe SB330z (single 18-inch LF) is a high output, exact radiating and mid-size subwoofer system shape for portable use where the fatter-sounding output of an 18-inch driver works mutually properly for portable or fix use. It is designed to balance the KF300z Series in small format arrays but also works well with any full-range loudspeaker.


EAW MX300i Electronic Processor
EAW MX300i Electronic ProcessorIs a two channel, three-way electronic crossover designed for use in both fixed installations and touring sound systems and is supplied configured  for use with specific EAW system configurations. This removes the burden of “setting-up” from the end user and ensures optimum system performance under all conditions.


PANARAY 802 SERIES III Loudspeaker Bose
PANARAY 802 SERIES III Loudspeaker BoseFull-range loudspeaker designed for permanent installations and portable sound back-up, equally for indoor and outdoor uses. The Articulated Array speaker configuration provides a wide 120° x 100° pattern to effectively cover many smaller venues with a single loudspeaker.


EAW JF 50 Loudspeakers
EAW JF 50 LoudspeakersThe JF50′s extremely small size, smooth frequency response, broad, even coverage pattern and surprisingly high output capabilities make it a natural candidate for applications where aesthetic requirements or space allowances make it almost impossible to locate a loudspeaker, but high quality sound is nonetheless a high priority.



YAMAHA XM4180 Power Amplifier
YAMAHA XM4180 Power AmplifierThe XM series multi-channel power amplifiers are perfect for conference, hall, and theater installations. The lineup includes 180w x 4 and 80w x 4 models, meeting the needs of a extensive selection of fixed systems. The XM amplifiers are a compact 2u size and amazingly lightweight that makes them easy to handle and set-up. Delivering high output power while switching power supplies and reducing the unit’s physical size.  It has monitor and remote jacks that allow external devices to be connected for status monitoring or control from a remote location.


YAMAHA P7000S Power Amplifier
YAMAHA P7000S Power AmplifierThe Yamaha p7000s dual-channel power amp gives you clean power and lightweight. The P-series amps deliver professional superior power in a broad variety of configurations, and are perfect for assisting the popular club series speakers. All models feature xlr and 1/4″ trs inputs and 5-way binding post outputs, phone plug and neutrik speaker. Other features include amazing high and low pass filters, Yamaha’s elite locomotive technology for high performance with outstanding competence, and a variable speed fan. 2u chassis. delivers 950w/ch @ 4 ohms, 700w @ 8 ohms, and 1,900w @ 8 ohms bridged.


EAW JF 100 Loudspeakers
EAW JF 100 LoudspeakersThe JF100 combines high output and natural reproduction in a compact, versatile enclosure. Effective as a near field main system. A unique top handle with integrated fly track/3/8-16 threaded suspension point is included.



SXA360 Loudspeaker Electro-Voice
SXA360 Loudspeaker Electro-VoiceThe electro-voice® sxa360 sets a new standard for robust speakers. Its design offers the user a easy to use system with plenty of power in a very compact package. This is a full range loudspeaker ideal for most applications requiring premium sound. Whether as
a delay line or stage monitor or a front-of-house system as side fill, the sxa360 offers a unique blending of high spl, normal frequency response, and active headroom in an extremely low weight package. Its linear response supplies superb feedback-free sound without additional equalization. No need for expensive accessories as it has built-in suspension points and pole mount making it easy for application.


SHURE EASYFLEX MicrophoneShure easyflex EZG and EZG-se series microphones are miniature gooseneck-mounted electrets condenser microphones designed primarily for vocalizations and speech. They
can be mounted on lecterns, conference tables and/or pulpits. All models include a preamplifier and are available with cardioids cartridges. ezg-se series microphones can be screwed onto a microphone stand. They can be easily altered from side-exit to bottom-exit to cover up the cable.



Martin Smoke Machine Hazer
Martin Smoke Machine HazerThe magnum 2500hz is a easy-to-use and plug and play hazer appropriate for smaller clubs, bars areas and other venues. With a large essential fluid container and optional DMX control the hazer is ideal for installations. Featuring the same machine-saving overheats protection as Martin’s other fog and haze machines, the low price Magnum 2500Hz supplies years of maintenance-free operation. For increased flexibility and easy remote programming and control, add the optional DMX interface.


PROSPOT 250WThe Coemar Prospot® is one of the most advanced “state-of-the-art” moving yoke luminaries’ manufactured today. For over 30 years,  Coemar, an Italian manufacturer has been building theatrical lighting fittings. In the lighting industry, Italy is popular for making the best lighting fixtures. The pro-spot features a (11) dichroic colors plus white rotating at variable speeds, true 360° moving yoke, (6) index able rotating gobos, (1) 3-faceted prism, 0-100% full electronic dimming, and an msd-250 lamp.


PROWASH 250WMoving head Wash type of company COEMAR equipped with a connector GY9, 5 for sources of MSD 250W / 2 The device has 6,5-31 ° viewing angle, strobe / black-out with adjustable speed. The device has support for DMX.