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A Dubai-based job and career advice firm made a study on where do Arab expatriate Most Arab Job Seekers Want To Work In UAEjobseekers want to work with. And the survey shows that 90% of regional job seekers aspire to work in United Arab Emirates.
On the survey made to Arab nationals aged 28-24, 1,300 or 86.6% out of 1,502 said UAE is very appealing for them to work with.
The firm believes that the country’s tax-free situation which recognizes luxurious multinational lifestyle makes UAE abundant compare to other countries in the region.
Another human resources provider says that one factor that attracts job seekers to look for an opportunity and work in UAE is the political, economical and social stability of the country.
Also, the survey shows that Dubai is the 1st choice of the job seekers which has 72.8% for those who said they want to work in Dubai, followed by Abu Dhabi with 19.7%; 3rd is Sharjah with 5.6% while Emirates of Ajman, Ras AlKhaimah, Fujaira and Umm Al Quwain gathered only a 1% remark from the jobseekers.
The magical view of Dubai is somewhat fascinating to expatriates, making them wanted more to work in the city, said by the job and career experts.
“Many exhibit the ‘streets are paved with gold’ mentality. A lot are looking for a better life, are ambitious and prepared to work hard to achieve their goals. When they look at how Dubai has transformed itself it offers them hope that they can achieve the same”, experts said.
Jobseekers desired to work on the field of Information Technology, education, banking and finance, oil and gas, architecture, healthcare, retail and leisure.
The survey shows that the standard of living was the top motivation for jobseekers, followed by salary, stable government and opportunities for job development.
Respondents of the survey are from countries Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Mauritania, Morocco, Oman, Palestine, Qatar, KSA, Sudan, Syria, Tuisia and Yemen.