Morrocan Government, To invest 90 billion dirhams on Clean Energy

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According to a source, due to the vast investments that Morroco has been acquiringMorrocan Government, To invest 90 billion dirhams on Clean Energy nowadays, there is a probability that Rabat could also now export alternative energy in 2020 by just constructing five solar energy stations.

An approximate $11 billion or 90 billion dirhams worth of investments from their electricity- generating solar and wind energy projects could make this idea be possible. Though the imbalance in oil importation and energy subsidiaries has been afflicting the trade balance, this does not hinder the country to push through the said project.

Addition to that, the source also stated that like in Algeria and Spain, Morroco will also have the chance to surfeit electricity to some other close countries. With this, the energy exports will be then a contributor to further improve the trade balance and hard currency resources of Rabat.

Moreover, a $900 million worth of solar energy station is now being build in Morroco under the Saudi Power Energy International Group. This will make Morroco the first country in the Arab and Middle Eastern regions which they believe that it’s the first country that will use clean energies in the in coming years.

Even the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, is highly confident that the project will not encounter any funding problems. Even the United States of America extended their support these projects when it has been discussed in the summit last November 2009.

Aside from the clean energy, Rabat is also expecting to increase their revenue in terms of oil and gas industries. The government also confirmed that they will eventually lift the subsidies so that they will be able to spread out the expenses to some other marginalized groups which need attention from the government.