Morocco’s Tarfaya Port extension kicks off

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The expansion of the Tarfaya port is currently underway in order to prop up the business growth of the port which will fuel up the economic and social development of the region.

Morocco’s Tarfaya Port extension kicks off

Morocco’s Tarfaya Port extension kicks off

For the past few years, several regions in Morocco have seen projects to meet the dynamic development and needs of the people. Among those significant projects is the expansion works in the port of Tarfaya to make uninterrupted development and improvements in the reception of fishing boats and fleet of marine fisheries, to increase quantity of catches, the establishment of a fish market and the creation of employment opportunities.

The site is 60% complete and it aims to carry on fishing activities, to maintain a ferry line with the Canary Islands and offer docking possibility, which would broaden the steering area of the Canary Islands to Morocco. The works consisted of 1207 ml of protection, 200 ml of docks, 80,000 cubic meters of rock excavation and dredging for 860,000 cubic meters.

This port even allows the creation of job positions and recovery of products of sea fishing project.  Way back year 1976, the city of Tarfaya was chosen as the meeting point of the Green March which encouraged the establishment of the fishing port.  And it was decided to implant a particular fishing port. The construction commenced on the same year and has been approved in 1979. The second phase started in 1980 which lasted for 16 months.

Group of young people receive benefits from the fishing boats and training sessions followed y an incorporation program in the fisheries sector. This program aims to perk up the competence of beneficiaries and throw in revenue growth in sea fishing activities.

Mohamed Dekkak