Morocco’s Renewable Energies Initiatives, Proposed

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“Morocco needs to focus on large-scale projects” says Moroccan Agency for Solar Energy4th Desertec Annual Conference Industrial Initiative (MASEN) president during the 4th Desertec Annual Conference Industrial Initiative (DII).

The statement was made on the idea of Morocco’s vision of transition on renewable energies, an initiative to achieve competitiveness on the international market that will provide dynamic development, numbers of employment opportunities and new investment prospects.

Potentials are all in the country and this will play a key role in the international performance if promising projects in this area will be supported by investors, especially in their early stages.

He further said that the renewable energy future if Morocco is upbeat but an effort must be started as early as now.

In addition, DII CEO explained that there is a high chance that the production capacity of renewable energy in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region will be doubled by 2015.

Another suggestion arises on the conference from the CEO of an energy operator specializing in the production of electricity in Algeria. He pleads for an innovation and cooperation, stating “We have to bet on the interconnections with Europe and think about sustainability to develop renewable energies.”