Morocco’s ranking in Global Innovation leaps by eight places

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Morocco has jumped from 92nd to 84th spot in this year’s Global Innovation Index (GII ranking) among the 143 surveyed countries.

Morocco’s ranking in Global Innovation leaps by eight places

Morocco’s ranking in Global Innovation leaps by eight places

The GII 2014 assessed the 143 economies through 81 indicators, according to its capacity for innovation and measurable outcome.

Published annually since 2007, this index is a useful tool for comparison and guide for business leaders, policymakers and other interested parties who wish to get an idea of the state of improvement in the world.

According to the findings of the study circulated by the European Institute of Business Administration (INSEAD), World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and Cornell University in USA, the average score of 32.24 points in the 2014 edition of the ranking   dedicates an entire chapter to the involvement of the Moroccan Diaspora in the development of emerging industries and the dynamics of intellectual production and patents, including the country of origin.

It shows well how innovation has become a factor of economic growth and highlights the role of the human factor. Expertise coming from Moroccans living abroad has shown it was able to meet the specific needs of emerging sectors their country and it is suitable to extract lessons from other countries with a similar level of development.

The report notes that more than 32,000 Moroccan expatriates are part of highly qualified skills and exercise as executives, high-level managers or professionals in the private sector who are experts in research and development, university professors and businessmen. This community is mainly concentrated in France at 32%, Spain at 20%, Italy at 12%, the Arab countries at 6% and 3% in the United States and Canada.

Overall, the United Kingdom, Sweden and Switzerland topped the index, while sub-Saharan Africa has made significant progress at the regional level. Finland landed on the fourth position followed by the United States, the Netherlands, Singapore, Denmark, Luxembourg, Hong Kong, and China. Across the Arab world, the UAE are unsurprisingly got the 36th spot, followed by Saudi Arabia in 38th spot, Qatar in 47th spot, Jordan in 61st spot, Kuwait in 69th spot, Tunisia in 78th spot and Egypt in 99th spot.

Twelve high and middle-income countries took the lead in their group with similar incomes, namely Moldova, Mongolia, China, India, Vietnam, Armenia, Jordan, Malaysia, Senegal, Thailand, Georgia, and Ukraine.

In the Sub-Saharan region, Africa exhibited the greatest progress in the ranking of GII, Côte d’Ivoire distinguished by winning 20 seats and Mauritius is likely to get to the top of the regional ranking. Among the 33 African countries included in the GII in 2014, 17 have improved their ranking. The ranking among sub-Saharan Africa is, sub-Saharan Africa is conquered by Mauritius which was 40th in the world, followed by Seychelles at the 51st spot and South Africa 53rd spot worldwide.


Mohamed Dekkak