Morocco’s Oued Aliane Beach soon to get “Blue Flag” label

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As part of the “Clean Beaches” initiative, the first operator of the port Tanger-Med has decided to upgrade the stretch of Oued Aliane Beach and exceed to its sustainable management.

Morocco’s Oued Aliane Beach soon to get "Blue Flag" label

Morocco’s Oued Aliane Beach soon to get “Blue Flag” label

The beach is located a few kilometers from the city and is expected that it would benefit from “Blue Flag” label next year.

Oued Aliane will be supported by the operator for a renewable period of three years. The objective is to be eligible for the second year. The eco-label will be presented by the European Federation for Environment and recognized by the World Tourism Organization and the United Nations Environment Program for swimming spots meeting the highest standards of quality and safety.

According to the head of external communications, their goal is to improve the visitor experience and awareness of the maintenance of the Oued Aliane’s natural heritage but also contribute to economic and social development of the region through positive externalities of operation.

At present, the port operator has managed to launch the upgrades and furnishing of the beach to meet international standards of hygiene and safety in collaboration with other local players. The works include the installation of 100 bins, 40 umbrellas, construction of shower areas and toilets, a number of sports fields and playgrounds, walkways facilitating access to the beach, as well as offices for Civil Protection and the gendarmerie. A center fully equipped with first aid will also be available for the visitors.

The operator also provides fun activities around the area, allowing visitors especially the youngsters to enjoy, be entertained and become educated regarding the issues related to the environment.

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