Morocco’s New Real Estate Property “Bab Al Bahr”, 60% Done

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About 60% of the construction works of Moroccan Bab Al Bahr’s Phase 1 has been delivered and new tenants are started to move in at the new Morocco's New Real Estate Property “Bab Al Bahr”residential units.

Located in western Morocco’s Bouregreg Valley between Rabat and Salé, the project is a result of the 50-50 joint venture with The Bouregreg Agency of Rabat and UAE based real estate developer Al Maabar.

The new real estate property blends in to the region’s Arab-Andalusian natural heritage, with a mix of residential, hotels, retail and artistic spaces, Bab Al Bahr will serve as a benchmark of leisure and community living for a healthy lifestyle in the Kingdom.

Bal Al Bahr is a diverse, mixed-use development consisting of residential complexes, hotels, leisure areas, office spaces, shops and art galleries.

“We couldn’t be happier to confirm that we’ve started to hand the keys over to Bab Al Bahr’s first residents.Bab Al Bahr has truly come to life now and its new residents can begin their journey. This news is promising for potential investors and buyers here at Cityscape Abu Dhabi as we continue to demonstrate a commitment to innovation, action and delivery”, Al Maabar Managing Director said during the Cityscape event in Abu Dhabi.

Mohamed Dekkak